Almost thirty years ago, Alex Cox's masterful Repo Man was released in theaters, soon to become a quintessential cult classic alongside his other indie hit, Sid and Nancy. Now with a few books under his belt ("The President and The Provocateur" and "10,000 Ways To Die"), Alex Cox remains one of the coolest filmmakers of our time. We were lucky to have him come through The Society Club on his latest book promo tour for "The President and the Provocateur" and talk with us about some of his favourite things...


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Cocktail Confessions with Alex Cox

A fictional character you'd like to have dinner with?
AC: Alice.

The cocktail that best personifies you.
AC: Beer.

The artist who arouses, inspires, and tingles you.
AC: Lewis Carrol.

The song that takes you back.
AC: Uhh....

The book on your bedside table right now... You know, the one next to that sumptuous nightcap?
Wooden Os, a book about Elizabethan theatres.