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Last Friday's theme - Wanderlust - did not stimulate Malcolm out of 'voyeurism' again, but Charlotte, having overcome diffidence, recited a poem by Margaret Atwood in honor of Keleigh, whose birthday it was. Birthdays were also on the mind of Emil, who reminded us that it was John Lennon's 75th. In memory of this, as well as for personal reasons, Emanuele sang a ballad in Italian about how all of us must pass. He had personal reasons too to recite an original lyric written in Highgate Cemetery. Charley had helped to start the evening with a more familiar, traditional ballad - 'The Highwayman'. It was preceded by another oldie, ''The Sounding of the Call', from Jack London's most famous book. These were bookends to four fine further performances of original work: Polly on 'Jesus and Jesette' around St Giles Circus, Keleigh in armchair pursuit of the wanderer within, Seki on druggies and on full acceptance in sex, Leila from her just published book of stories set in Cuba, Breathe. The house was full and the talent impressive. So too was an atmosphere that deserves to be this coming Friday's theme: