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Last week the theme was Harmony. This again failed to stimulate Malcolm out of his 'voyeurism', but he and his friends are such lively listeners that we hardly care. Benny played swain to two Scottish lasses with Bobby Burns' 'Red Red Rose' and later a lyric by D. H. Lawrence, which evoked a rejoinder from archives of the host. Erik gave a fine rendition of his 'Radiant Man', accompanying himself on piano, and Lail with guitar sang a new ballad, reminding us of how gently she is able to reveal the dilemmas of young women reaching a certain age. Kelly, who had not read before, gave us a slice of Ted Hughes, prompting  Charlotte, who has now gained her voice entirely, to respond with 'Blackberries' by Sylvia Plath. Seki from behind the bar continued the literary theme with an evocation of drinking out of The Sun Also Rises; earlier he had recited a paean to redwood trees.  From poem to song and back - and there was more: an elegant passage of prose about a seduction abandoned from Leila's soon-to-be-published tales about Cuba, Breathe. Harmony was in the house but followed only at a distance as theme. That's the way we like it - theme only a place to start from. Judging from what was afoot as the evening ended, this Friday's theme will be:


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