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Our second poetry night of the autumn was lively, despite the potential grimness of the theme - Black. Malcolm, who has never performed before, was inspired to cease being 'a voyeur' and treat us to Maya Angelou - literally apt. Charlotte, also overcoming diffidence, recited two short pieces, one from Pound, the other from the 13th century. Charley was wryly expressive as ever, despite having missed his stop due to eyeing legs on the tube. Susan declaimed 'Lady Lazarus', resurrecting her favourite Plath, and Nick brought Rimbaud out of his 'season in hell' in original French. He and Emanuele led a song in Italian about a life-loving contadina who gets chased by gossip from one town to the next. Keleigh recited an original work-in-progress about the aged in Chelsea; meanwhile, somebody ancient read Byron's 'Darkness' in a flicker of candlelight. Next week's theme WANDERLUST.

All welcome. Non-members £5 cover.