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Our theme was Fire last Friday, but it was not kept to slavishly. Nina opened with 'The Last Words of Goethe', a famous plea for 'mehr licht', and light of course qualifies as fire of a kind. Oberto, a new member, was inspired to respond with Dante's passage about Ulysses and his men wandering on from Ithaca to the Pillars of Hercules in pursuit of the transcendent - a kind of fire in the sky. The bar was not set low, and Mark and Malcolm chose to remain 'voyeurs', though pledging to contribute again on some future night. Emanuele brought in Nelle, who had taken the theme seriously and read the 'fire' section of an original work-in-progress based on the four elements. This was in French: our language was becoming pan-European. Emanuele himself, as often, contributed something new in enthusiastic Italian; the translation was partly muffed by a man who could not control his tablet. Never mind; profanity forgiven. Dan contributed an original poem about writing a poem, and Keleigh read one from her second slim vol entitled 'Pre-History' and later another on American Thanksgiving. This was not before Erik and friend had done a couple of duos from a larger work called 'A Sequence', Erik at piano singing his original 'Nightcrawler' and 'Everything is Movement'. It was a high-spirited evening with enough inspiration left over for the Friday to come, on which by demand the new theme will continue the elemental journey, moving on to


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