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We welcome  author of  One For My Baby Tom Smith for what is set be a hilarious evening of anecdotes and cocktails.

One For My Baby is the story of Frank Sinatra with a twist – combined with cocktail recipes. The book introduces us to his life and art seen from an unconventional point of view – Ol’ Blue Eyes’ prodigious appetite for alcohol. Considering his life and times through his drinking is obviously a conceit, but hardly the most fanciful of conceits: there are more than enough stories, legends, anecdotes and facts to be able to make a compelling case that his drinking was an integral part of his character, his lifestyle and (by extension) his creative output. 

The author Tom Smith was born in Liverpool and graduated in English from the University of East Anglia. Throughout the 1980s he performed with cult bands The Fire Hydrant Men and Cas Carnaby Five (both of whom released LPs) and was front man for Gee Mr. Tracy, who released a series of singles, two albums, appeared on the Tube and Saturday Live.
In 2000, after a dozen years as a Label Manager for independent record labels he became a free- lance writer. He has written two biographies (Blondie and The Ramones). Other commissions have included a BBC radio drama on the relationship between Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and a proposed TV drama on Sir Bernard Spilsbury. His artwork has appeared on various posters, album and single covers.