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  • The Society Club 12 Ingestre Pl London, W1F 0JF United Kingdom (map)

O LUCKY MAN! is possibly the weirdest of the three films which comprise UK director Lindsay Anderson's trilogy around Malcolm McDowell's Mick Travis character (the other's being firstly IF ... (1968) and thirdly BRITANNIA HOSPITAL (1982)). O LUCKY MAN is a hilarious fantasy-drama-odyssey-allegory on life in UK capitalist society as the sun sets on it's imperialist past.

Mick Travis must make his way in the world, and does so by becoming a travelling salesman for the Imperial Coffee Company. His life lesson, repeated throughout the film, is that he must detach himself from his idealism and surrender his principles in order to succeed. Through the supply chain of the coffee industry Mick works in, we see that the dwindling overt global influence of Empire is replaced by back-door dealings with corrupt foreign dictators.

By chance, during his travels, which include live sex shows and all sorts of hijinks, Mick ends up being a victim of medical torture at a government black site. After escaping, Mick discovers that his new sexy girlfriend, played by Helen Mirren, is the daughter of ultra-evil industrialist Sir James Burgess. After becoming Burgess' personal protegé, helping him to sell PL45 'Honey' (i.e.: napalm) to neutralise foreign rebel movements, Mick is framed for fraud by Burgess after the deals go sour. After his five-year prison sentence, and eventual rebirth as aa humanist, Mick auditions for a film-within-a-film whose director is played by Lindsay Anderson himself.

DOUGLAS HART: having risen to prominence as the bassist for THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN, Douglas continues to make music, is a prolific music promo director, and filmmaker. His critically acclaimed LONG DISTANCE INFORMATION short film featuring Peter Mullen, was recently featured on the festival circuit.

Light, or heavy refreshment will be available throughout the evening in the upstairs bar. There will be an intermission.

Directed by - Lindsay Anderson

Cast -  Malcolm McDowell, Helen Mirren, Albert Finney

Running Time - 180 mins