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Historian Richard Weight will be here discussing his most recent book Mod: From Bebop to Britpop. Samantha Cameron had said that it was her favourite book of the moment, so could Richard be held responsible for making the Camerons look cool and winning the last election.

He presents and contributes to documentaries for the BBC, Channel Four and Sky; he writes features for The Times, the Daily Telegraph and the magazine History Today, is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and of the Royal Society of Arts, and is a consultant to the Institute of Public Policy Research, one of Britain’s leading think tanks.

Combining academic credentials with over a decade of experience in the national media, Richard provides creative expertise in what the British people think and how they live their lives today. He is currently writing a history of drugs in Britain since 1900.

The ‘highly entertaining and definitive’ book on ‘Britain’s youth tribes of the past 50 years’ – Daily Telegraph. 

Copies will be available on the night.