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We start quietly, as if there may be nothing but chat. The bell rings. Someone stands up and reads a description of London from 'The Prelude'. Then one of our regulars, Keleigh, emits dazzling words from her new work 'The Tease'. Charley arrives to share Carol Ann Duffy's 'Educating for Leisure'. Brendan moves us with one from the heart, about an encounter with a loved one in a museum, and Susan, on message, comes back with 'The Laughing Heart' by Bukowski. Now the place is packed and all listening. Benny braves a heckler to incant Bobby Burns' 'The Kiss'; the heckler applauds and petitions to play the piano. Before that can happen, Juliette reads a fictional letter from a World War I soldier and Seki ventilates against advertisements in the tube. Poetry night fades out into jovial tinkling. Theme for this coming Friday? Let's try TRAVELLING but as ever the whole of the law is: do what thou wilt

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