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We've had lovely Poetry Nights in Soho for more than two and a half years now. This month alone there has been a fine handful of them, including bravura recitations of original work by Barney Ashton, Seki Lynch, Adonis Storr and others, as well as music from Lail Arad and Harry Kipner – and Jerry memorializing David Bowie with 'Wild is the Wind', and Gregory playing us out with Jerry Lee Lewis. There have been readings of Wordsworth, of Wallace Stevens, of Olivier de la Paz – an embarrassment of riches.  February begins with a new departure – Poetry Night in Soho, a subtly different corner of Bohemia, where for a first time members new and old, friends and fellow poets can turn up to read, recite, sing – what you will. As a theme, we might think in terms of RENEWAL, but that can be followed as strictly or loosely as you like. 

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