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Last Friday we were in the realm of DESIRE. It was a cold evening warmed up not least by David singing an original song in a voice like Tupelo honey. He had helped start the proceedings with Keats' 'Bright Star', and others of the club's equipe showed their talent - Bertie assisting with Eliot's 'Burial of the Dead' and Seki reading a passage of prose for the first time, responded to by an oldie's recitation from Yeats. Two Wills who had not come in before added their voices, the first a poem from e. e. Cummings chosen by his wife, the second an aboriginal lyric from his native OZ. Of original work we had one from Shimet and another from Oliver, who also contributed Goethe's 'The Fisher' in mellifluous German. Sometimes the quieter evenings are best. This coming Friday we close a seasonal cycle by looking forward to what is to come: the theme - to be followed or not as you please - SPRING

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