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Last Friday’s theme was Memory, and we had record contributions. Erik and friend began with a sonnet about Old Hollywood, set to piano. Oliver spellbound us with a version of ‘The Ballad of St Ann’s Reef’. New member Chloe read a lyric from Pink Floyd, while her friend Kelley took a passage from Roald Dahl’s The Twits. Veteran Charley offered a Shakespeare sonnet reworked by Douglas Dunn; Juliette read Wilfrid Owen’s evocation of an early style of cruising ‘The Ghost of Shadwell Stairs’. Chloe and Kelley’s friends Kay and Claudia offered one poem about work and another about evening, in French, by Baudelaire. Newcomer Tim, brought in by Danny, read an original piece ending in three repeats of ‘Be sweet to me’. By then many cups had been downed, and Philip could treat us to Guy Delfond’s exposé of the experienced drinker. Keleigh returned with her ‘London Undigested’, Leah sang ‘Moon River’ a capella and Emanuele read his sonnet ‘La Giovanezza’, translated by friend. By then it was Seki’s turn, and more was to come and yet more reserved until next week when, recalling what T. S. Eliot thought was bred with Memory as twin, the theme will be DESIRE.


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