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You have written a lyric you want to try out. Maybe you just want to celebrate a favourite, or read from a first edition found on a shelf. You can recite a soliloquy, or share a poetic passage in prose. Only one rule: don’t go on for more than five minutes. 

CONTINUITY was theme last week, but it might have been Exuberance, as the house was full of it. Leila, fresh from success with Breathe, read us a new story ‘Safe’, which it wasn’t. Oliver recited Holderlin in translation, lamenting that he had no time for the original German. Samantha amused with a ballad of a horse race, in honour of the next day’s Grand National, and Lail tried out a new song, silken voice as moving as ever. Mark declaimed the first Dadaist manifesto, now a hundred years old, then Erik sang his ‘Radiant Man’ at piano. Leon read a new poem, John Donald recited Hardy, Richard did a ditty on porridge and Chopin, Susan found some Bukowski and Gregory played us out – or not quite. There was a coda of Harry on guitar, unexpected and deft as McCartney ending Abbey Road. Maybe more this week? As theme let’s try FLOWERS, but before you reach for a Wordsworth daffodil remember that perhaps the most famous fleurs of all are the ones called ‘du Mal’.

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