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Robert rubbish presents a new body of artwork inspired by Soho. The work concentrates on what Robert thinks are the archetypal characters of Soho. All the characters depicted in the artwork have been important characters in the history of soho. The archetypal characters that inhabit the work are as follows, mods, spivs, homosexuals strippers, bohemians and also mythical characters like a minotaur, mermaid and a sex dwarf.

The artworks are influnced and informed by Robert's time spent in soho and are his way of paying remembrance to the passing of old Soho.

Also literature written by Soho stalwarts is celebrated in Roberts reworkings of book covers that have influenced the artwork.

Writers such as Bernard Kops Frank Norman Judith Summers George Melly

6.30 p.m. – 8.30 p.m.