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You have written a lyric you want to try out. Maybe you just want to celebrate a favourite, or read from a first edition found on a shelf. You can recite a soliloquy, or share a poetic passage in prose. Only one rule: don’t go on for more than five minutes. 

Last week was DECADENCE. We opened with Scott Fitzgerald's description of the beginning of one of Gatsby's parties. Exuberant decadence then gave way to the more deathly with Mike's original 'Hey Mister'. This prompted Leah to start a song but a telephone cut her off. We had fine original work from Leila, Shahla, Barnaby, Brendan and Shimet, followed by recitation from the arch-decadents Rochester by Juliette, Huysmans by Philip and Lou Reed by Oliver. We got back at last to a song from Leah, as well as a sonnet Seki had been writing throughout the night. A pair from Emanuele and his translator, the ending of the Gatsby party, a few more songs and that was it. Themes can lead in many directions. So for this Friday why not consider the vagaries of FATE?

Open to members. Non-members, £5 entry. Please click here.