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Confusion over theme inhibited no one last week. Whether about ‘Exploration’ or not, we had myriad offerings, even a song a cappella from Seki on which others joined in. This came after newcomers Tara and Svetlana impressed us with original work, and veterans Brendan and Paola shared Brexit diaries and emotional investigation. We had animal poems from Robinson Jeffers and T. S. Eliot – Susan reading the latter – and walking verses from Tolkien arranged by Oliver. Uberto recited Tagore in anticipation of a trip to India; Mia returned after a year with Anne Sexton; Leila read a new fragment from her ‘birthday story’. The roof was raised by Heathcote’s incantation of Rimbaud. Taking a hint, let’s try as theme for the new week one that youth has so often exuberantly favoured: REBELLION.

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