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Poetry Nights started up again with enthusiasm. There were veterans reciting from older favourites: Oliver from Wordsworth, Juliette from Siegfried Sassoon and Uberto from Ugo Foscolo in Italian and translation. Lail sang her lament to lost relationships in her ‘EU’ song, and Heathcote gave a vigorous reading of the second part of Seki’s ‘Incurably Curious’, just published. All else was new: two Paolas from either end of Italy with original work, Tim with ‘Twilight in Whitechapel’, newcomers Gavin and Angus with ‘Elephantal Steps’ and ‘Twilit Eyes’ and Milana with two poems out of her notebook. An attempt at a slam ended with Seki voicing at Babette’s prompting ‘Bukowski reciting Baudelaire’ – a nice tag-team of house favourites, leading perhaps to this week’s new theme: EXUBERANCE.

You have written a lyric you want to try out. Maybe you just want to celebrate a favourite, or read from a first edition found on a shelf. You can recite a soliloquy, or share a poetic passage in prose. Only one rule: don’t go on for more than five minutes.

Open to members. Non-members, £5 entry. Please click here.