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You have written a lyric you want to try out. Maybe you just want to celebrate a favourite, or read from a first edition found on a shelf. You can recite a soliloquy, or share a poetic passage in prose. Only one rule: don’t go on for more than five minutes.

VANITY was theme last week, and a vibrant evening was had. Angela began with Rupert Brooke, then came the ‘Pull down thy vanity’ passage from Ezra Pound. Oliver contributed Shakespeare’s sonnet 62, and newcomer Paola read her original ‘In the Land of Shallow’. This was the start of a rich run of fresh work, including a short story by Colleen, ‘Who are you?’ by Leila, two fine poems by second newcomer, Sam, and another from Jane who has never read in public before. Ian and Julia made débuts with John Cooper Clarke, and Seki gave us the last part of his ‘Incurably Curious’, which has inspired two new woodcuts by beloved barman Tom. Tom himself joined Philip for a comic dialogue about the horrid habits of the Duke of Windsor, and the evening ended with Erik singing a capella a song by his friend Lulu’s late father Serge Gainsbourg. Many surmounted trepidation to contribute to the festivity, which makes it seem apt that a new week’s theme should be BRAVERY.

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