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Join us for the launch of Jeremy Reed’s new book of poetry, Red Light Blues, published by The Society Club. Red Light Blues tracks Jeremy Reed out and about in his favourite Soho, in poems that recreate its singular heartbeat in the capital, with a familiarity of street life and place written into their fizzy, sensational energies. With most of these poems written in Soho cafés, and often about friends, pick-ups, or encounters with arresting strangers, Red Light Blues finds Jeremy Reed hot on the moment of his chosen milieu, dissolving past and present into highly original poetry that pinches up Soho’s square mile, like you’ll never know it. These poems vitally capture the dissolve between old Soho and the gentrifcation of the new commercialised zone. 

‘Jeremy Reed’s talent is almost extraterrestrial in its brilliance. He is Rimbaud recon gured as the Man who fell to Earth, a visitor from deep space whose time machine was designed by Lautreamont and de Sade, and powered by the most exotic fuels the imagination has ever devised.’ —J.G. Ballard. 

It made me want to stop reading and write a poem—which is the highest compliment I can give a poet.’ —Gillian McCain, Co-author of Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk. 

‘Reed’s poetry is full of rich and careful writing, dense with pleasure in words that pleasure the world and waken us to its lovely surprises.’—Seamus Heany