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A Happening organised by She-Zine's Diana Chire, a sought after print magazine founded to celebrate overlooked female talent. 

From 7pm a panel of women in the arts discuss: 'the male gaze, and is there such thing as a female gaze?' Riffing on film critic Laura Mulvey's concept from 1975 that describes how the visual arts are structured around a masculine viewer, this idea has been central to feminist critique in the arts for more than forty years. 

Featuring: Dorothy Allen Pickard and Daniella Shreir  - from founders of Another Gaze Journal is a new London-based publication; Nikolai Vasakova - video producer and founder of GIF, a new platform for creative women in film; and Rachel De-Lahay - an award winning writer for theatre, film and TV.

From 9pm there will be a wild party hedonistically trashing into the night on that theme. After an infamous evening of nudity and scrap last month, this promises to be a chic blow out and unpredictable meeting fest.  

This event is free, but please RSVP