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The Society Club is incredibly proud to present a book of collaborative poetry by Emanuele Zoppellari Perale and Chip Martin. A dialogue between languages, cultures, and generations permeates these sonnets, half by a twenty year old Italian, half by an Anglo-American in his sixties.

Italian is rendered into English, English into Italian, freely creating hybrid prosodic forms, in gentle appropriation of each other's tradition. Diverse styles and sensitivities inevitably mix, one symbolist and metaphysical, the other narrative and sometimes erotic.

Above all meet two distinct experiences of love and two perspectives on age and youth, one reflecting on what is past or passing and the relentless power of time to reap fleeting dreams, the other seized in a whirlwind of unruly amorousness careening between sensuality and the abyss.

This event is free, but please RSVP