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Reality was theme last week. Daniel approached it via Whittier's 'Our Country'; Tom offered an original evocation of urban pathos. Hunter read Chimet's 'The Maestro' from our most recent anthology and Sarah Kate 'For What' by Luisa. Two other newcomers, Anthony and Clara, read sonnets in the form of a palindrome and an anagram. Oliver was inspired to an original sonnet too, while Angus had a Walrus's romp with John Lennon's Lucy. Chimet contributed a mother-in-law from hell, Kelly 'Address to the Mother' by C. Day Lewis and Tanya a translation of Fernando Pessoa. Barney's original about the Rat Pack preceded Jo's recitation in Norwegian of what is said around a sheep's head supper, and all ended with Erik singing his new composition 'Black Waves'. So much 'reality' makes one wonder if a theme for this week shouldn't be something visionary like the MUSE

You have written a lyric you want to try out. You need to send a verbal message to a friend. You have to excoriate those who have traduced you. You long to share the beauty of a language few have heard. Maybe you just want to celebrate a favourite, or read from a first edition found on a shelf. 

All these are possible on Friday evenings at the Society Club. You can sing a capella. You can recite a soliloquy from a play, or share a poetic passage in prose. Only one rule: don’t go on for more than five minutes. Others are waiting and soon another will get up and do his/her thing too. Then it is back to delicious cocktails and exuberant chat.


Later Event: February 24