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Our theme of Friendship began with Gregory Corso, moving Giuseppi to recall sighting the Beat bad boy in Positano. Giuseppi also read Emanuele's sonnet 'Venezia' molto espressivo, this following his Swedish friend Christine's recitation of 'Fondamenta Nuova'. Other newcomers included Soho radio's James, who gave us John Cooper Clarke, and Louis, who rapped a tribute to his drug-dying mate. Emir remembered another friend lost in a poem about transitions and Tom yet another with whom he once thought he would ride 'in the passenger seat of the car forever'. Nostalgia tinged Oliver's original sonnet, but was scattered by Angus's witty, bizarre vision of Eden. Angus's friend Asha read Luisa's 'For What'; Gregory sang the Beatles' 'A Little Help from My Friends'; and Sophie ended the evening with a poem missing its naughty words, which she had made up on the spot. New faces, old languages – why not let the next theme be what we all are in essence? FOREIGNERS

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