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Join us at The Society Club for a night of talks, poetry, and outrageous anecdotalising on all things punk, with some of the wonderful people who helped created it, all in celebration of The Punk Kings of Dyslexia.

Stephen Micalef (aka Steve Mick) is a poet who wrote for the first ever punk-zine Sniffing Glue in 1976-77. Tonight he presents some of his work in a beautiful collection of new poems The Punk Kings of Dyslexia, limited to only 500 hand-numbered copies. Music journalist David Stubbs writes in the introduction: "he reaches back and presents in vivid verbal snapshots a picture of the London of the mid-to-late 70s, a moribund, often miserably violent place in which the first flickering stirrings of a new musical movement were beginning to break upward amid the rubble of postwar apathy and decline. He recalls the names, the faces - Johnny Rotten, Sid Vicious, Shane McGowan, Bernie Rhodes - all legends, not all of them living but back then all jostling at square one, year zero, speculative gobs out of nowhere. Only 40 years ago, not far from here but the stuff of ancient legend. Steve was there. What he and they got up to changed everything." 

Shanne Bradley is a punk musician and artist who founded The Nipple Erectors - notably for being Shane MacGowan's first band - in the mid 70s. She is a real 'She Punk' icon, who will bring her '77 diary/sketchbook and talk about the early days of punk. 

Tymon Dogg is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Alongside his 40-year solo career, he has also made music with The Clash, and was a member of Joe Strummer's final band The Mescaleros. He has been variously described as the ‘King of Gypsy Punk’, an ‘alt-folk legend’, and ‘a demented elf’,

Brian Griffin is a photographer whose distinctive style helped to define the post-punk aesthetic. His work has been on over 200 album and single sleeves, for musicians including Echo and The Bunnymen, Depeche Mode, Elvis Costello, Iggy Pop, and REM. He will share some stories of how those grey 70s shaped the world we are in today.

Tickets for non-members are £5. Please click here for tickets. Members' free.