Last week's theme, The Muse, produced original work from Shahla, who took the lady out of a male box, and Angus who managed to ally Punk with Plath. The death of the latter, hymned by Anne Sexton, was read by Charlotte; another original came from Ron, who brought us his 'Wheelchair Muse'. Awesome. Emir painted a scene at 4 a.m. in front of a kebab house; Tom spied the beloved's shape in all things; Oliver made emendations in a new sonnet; Jamie recited a poem he'd composed on the spot. Charley went off-message with 'War', Sammy brought us back with a verse by William Stafford and Thomas added de Musset in French. Among delights was Nina's assistance to Monkey in recitation of 'They fuck you up, your mum and dad'. We all know that one. Fortunately, there are friends. A new theme deserves to be devoted to that. Simple? No, essential: FRIENDSHIP.

You have written a lyric you want to try out. You want to sing a cappella, recite a soliloquy from a play, or share a poetic passage in prose.All this is possible on Fridays at the Society Club Only one rule: don’t go on for more than five minutes. Others are waiting and soon another will get up and do his/her thing too. Then it is back to delicious cocktails and exuberant chat.

Tickets for non-members are £5. Click here to purchase. (Members' free)