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Last week's theme, Departure, brought nice new voices - Sarah reading an original about her '60s parents, Rachel sharing work from her friend Anna Beecher and Shel ventriloquizing the anger of Carol Ann Duffy. We began with the end of The Great Gatsby, which stimulated Evelina to the briefest of Hemingway's poems and Hannah to the final words of The Sun Also Rises. It also prompted Glenn to offer an amuse-gueule from Catch 22. A first ever original piece came from Charley, and Oliver gave us his most recent sonnet twice, having been interrupted by door, dog or phone. Sophie's beautiful voice triumphed over a lamentably untuned house guitar, Kelly read Edna St Vincent Millay exquisitely and Heathcote offered Hans Magnus Enzenberger. This week he, the ever exuberant Heathcote, will be hosting, theme to be as you wish. Chip returns for the 21st. 

Open to members. Non-members, £5 entry. Please click here for tickets.