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There was a ambivalent mood shot through with jubilation last Friday. The theme was endings and the house was packed. Guest host Heathcote opened with a Jeremy Reed poem ‘Soho Out’. Our recent regular Douglas read a new poem, cosmic as ever. His friend Tamsin read something by her father, who started writing poetry in his 80s - showing that there’s hope for us all, you can start whenever. Dallas performed a touching history of personal disaster, explaining his various scars. Dapper Amir read an original, handwritten screed, as did ever wise Charlie. Kieran sang us an ode to the Weatherspoon’s of London, and Paula read about the dark side of loving a close friend, Lauren and Hannah read a couple of poems by Edna St. Vincent Millay, and Oliver read a poem then sang a truly touching rendition of Come Dancing by The Kinks. Special mention must go to 11 year old prodigy Lily, who with her mother Susan, read an original poem that had half the room in tears.

Wonderful Chip returns from Italy this week, with the theme of DREAMS.

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