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SOHO: POETRY NIGHTS hosted by CHIP - theme TBC

Last week's theme was Home, and it evoked several political animadversions – Barney on Britannia, Lail on the EU, Oliver on East Germany, Charley on half-castes. Douglas protested terrorist acts, while his friend Dallas set off a notional bomb. In similar levity Paola offered a piccolo prayer, and Paul demonstrated that poetry is about movement. Newcomer Mara bid her native river to flow, while Stephanie let gush what was pent up with her soul in a cappella rendition of Nina Simone. Eva located her existence 'in between' and her language as silence; an idea of Amor Fati was hymned; and Angus brought us back on message with his original 'Home'. These various re-turnings suggest that the next theme might be DEPARTURE, but as ever feel free to do what thou wilt.

Open to members. Non-members, £5 entry. Please click here for tickets.