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Come and celebrate the return of former Society Club star Sophie Kipner! We are honoured to host the launch of her debut novel 'The Optimist' - a warmly witty outrageous satire about 'a delusional girl’s very misguided search for love'. A wry tribute to the deep human need to keep on heroically searching for love despite our manifold absurdities.

Meet Tabitha Gray, a delusional girl from Topanga, California, who redefines what it means to be a truly hopeless romantic. Tabby suffers from an aggressive strain of cock-eyed optimism – no amount of failure, embarrassment or humiliation can dent her fierce belief that real, true, lasting love is just around the corner. Whether waiting in her lingerie for Harrison Ford, or sending intimate photos to a random sexter with an apparently charming dick, Tabby refuses to be crushed by her many misadventures. She has to keep believing, because if she gives up, then what? 

Meet at 7pm and raise a toast to our wonderful friend. Please RSVP: