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Andy Bell (of Erasure fame) presents his emergent new project, 'Andy Bell Is Torsten', a musical performance extravaganza telling the story of the 'polysexual semi-immortal bareback saint' Torsten character, made in collaboration with playwright Barney Ashton and pianist Christopher Frost. Hot on the heels of two fabulous albums, two theatre shows, and countless other adventures, this trio of troubadours come to The Society Club for an exclusive intimate show.  

There will be performances by Barney Ashton and Andy Bell of songs from the Torsten catalogue, new songs, surprise cover versions, and readings from their forthcoming book 'Schema / Stasis : The Torsten Verse Diaries'. 

This is Torsten's farewell concert for The Society Club, the one and only official 'Andy Bell Is Torsten' event in 2017. 

Non-Members £15. Tickets EXTREMELY limited to only 25, so buy now to avoid disappointment. Click here to purchase. Members free but RSVP is essential: 

Click here to preorder your copy of Schema / Stasis - The Torsten Verse Diaries by Barney Ashton, with an introduction by Andy Bell - priced at £15 and limited to 150 copies - available exclusively through The Society Club.