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Nostalgia is poetry and as theme provoked original work from Shubby, remembering his Indian childhood, Oliver in a sonnet of glittering words, Angus with a definition in five parts, Barney in a heartfelt rant cum lament, Justin recalling the road to L.A., Isabelle and Harry in exquisite cameos, and Lucy warning us 'Don't tell them it was on a dating-site!' We had begun with Erik on piano accompanying the end of Joyce's 'The Dead'; along the way we had Susan reading Pablo Neruda, Ron evoking Indians of the American northwest, his friend Ann recalling Tennyson on the breakup of the Round Table, Sammy (whose anniversary it was) adding a poem by Rupert Brooke. Kelly offered Dorothy Parker, Philip a passage from his Dandy at Dusk and Letizia one of Emanuele's Sonetti. The poetic process is inward. Where does it lead? As theme for the new week, let's try ENLIGHTENMENT.

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