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This Tuesday 6th June for the final window display at the society club in soho Byron Pritchard presents words from wagon, both off and back on it. An ongoing and interactive installation comprising of spoken paragraphs, prose, poems and one-liners about alcohol, drinking, drunkenness and hangovers. This our never ending appetite for a good drink and is in no way a glorification of alcohol but a montage of different mediums that represent both the good and bad in the bottle from different perspectives.

 With contributions of words from many different people around London the Door will host is an eclectic mix of perspectives, poems, pros and texts from literature and quotes that they think represent as close as possible their experiences and perspectives on the subject. This work is for anyone from the drunk slumped by that lamppost down the street, the guy up at the crack of dawn who sweeps the street and the playboy West Londoner who thinks he owns said street.

Please join us on the from 7:30 onwards on June 6 th for drinking and words from David C West, Michalef, and other spontaneous fun and reflection. If you feel you have something to contribute please email with a word doc and it will be considered.