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On a sultry night we had record performances. The theme of Flight brought originals from Oliver and Angus. Kelly read 'High Flight' by an airman who never came back, and Nick channelled Elvis getting stung by a bee. As Eva's boyfriend, he was revealed as the antidote in her 'I hate suits!' We had lyric beauties from Xiaoying doing Li Bai in Chinese, Charley with Wordsworth and Ciaran with Seamus Heaney on the death of a father, a theme also prompting new work from Mark and from Liz. We had songs from our stalwarts, Lail and Erik, and a tribute from Ron to Babette. Sammy gave voice to the victims of Manchester and Tom a lament for 'things I didn't do'. Douglas's recitation was a theatrical high point, but the most apt line of the night came from Leon addressing his partner Olivia: 'Darling, there are no happy endings, but there is the Now.' As time grows short, so it is with Poetry Nights. But be not melancholy. As theme for the new week, let's try LOVABLE ROGUES.   


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