Mark Hix

Anything you can do Mark Hix can do better; probably quicker, look nicer, taste exceptional and all the while make it look easier than tying one's shoelaces. Hix is a ‘yes’ man. A modest yes man at that.

He may be infamous for his cock and bull menu but at home Asian food is his forte. An Asian-infused broth with slow cooked meat or shellfish. He massages a mound of dough every night before bed, ready for a fresh loaf of soda bread in the morning;  “relaxing’ consists of writing his weekly food column for the observer and a monthly for Esquire. Last week he researched junk food, his first fast food fracas was in the drive through at McDonalds after eating a Big Mac Supersize-me meal (obviously) and scoffed his way through several pasties at his “favourite fast food joint”, the West Cornwall pasty company (what us mere microwaved reliants would consider all right grub).

Find him on weekends in a baseball hat, a pair of Oakleys sunglasses and yanking a 10 tonne lobster pot up on his bond style bachelor boat in Lyme Regis, where he also has a hotel, an oyster and fish restaurant, and a couple of fish festivals, mackerel and crab. Him (and two thousand guitar welding foodies) hold the record for the most guitars playing one song on a beach at one time during his annual Food Rocks Festival.

Walk into any one of his 7 Restaurants and one is slapped round the face with an abundance of “modern art.”  He is the stinking bishop of the art world, the dirty dog, the black sheep. A fan of old school fruit and veg stall style bartering, he is credited with feeding half the art world for the last 20 years. In return the likes of Tim Noble and Sue Webster broke into his garage to draw phallic obscenities over his treasured Merc to then be paraded (unbeknownst to Hix) through London and down the M4.

He is the meat and two veg on everybody’s plate and the name on everyone else’s lips, and has just opened his 8threstaurant in bankside last July; fear not, there is still plenty of time to get your Hix Fix, in fact, there’s a lot more to come…


Cocktail Confessions

The cocktail that best personifies you?

Your favourite piece of art on your wall?
A black and white Bridget riley 60’s piece on Perspex

The song that takes you back?
Smoke on the water –Deep Purple, Ian Gillan is playing it at my Food Rocks festival this year.

The book on your bedside table now?
Salar the Salmon/Tunny

Your favourite smell?
Waking up to the smell of the sea when im in Dorset.


Harriet Verney is a journalist/writer based in London.