A small screen flickers in the frame, relaying grainy images out onto the street - images fed from a camera installed within the member’s only space of the Society Club. In its entirety, the footage can be considered as a film that will only ever be shown once, its action subtly directed by the movements of unknown bodies. The implied privacy becomes surveyed, offering an altered perspective of the encounters within the adjacent space. Newton and Wealands collaborate, as respective artist and writer, to produce a series of interconnected narratives inspired from a mixture of personal memories and reaction to the intimate yet permanently open gallery. Floating on the windows of the Society Club the texts become lenses, filters and gels that colour the experience and events on the street. Reading the outside of the building as a part of the narrative, the boundaries between the site and the work, private and public, real and fiction are refracted.

John Henry Newton (B. Swindon, UK 1988) is an artist living and working in London. Recent shows include Plateforme de jeux, Nouveau Festival, Centre Pompidou, Paris, Sun Bleached Stills From a Number of Films, Bank Space, London and A British Art Show, MEYOHAS, New York.

Alex Wealands (B. Johannesburg, SA 1989) is a writer living and working in London. He is assistant editor at Review31, a journal for critical, academic and literary writing, and has been recently published in Visual Verse and The Stockholm Review of Literature.