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Member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors Julie Goldsmith presents Soho Faery, a specially commissioned exhibition at both The Society Club and its neighboring premises The Door, London’s smallest art gallery. This will be a myth drenched carnival of sculpted spirit-beings: fawns, unicorns, cats, demons, bunny girls, and wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Goldsmith’s work takes two predominate forms: sculpture and ceramics. Her figures are either carved in clay or cast in bronze. Both are adorned with crystals, feathers, and found objects. Totem-like rather than representational - fetishes to bring home a sense of the sacred. They draw on Inuit amulets and the Hopi Kachina dolls. Creatures echoing the playful heartbreak of Niki De Saint Phalle, and the existential elegance of Alberto Giacometti.

Her painterly ceramics play with fables and domesticity. Bowls and plates that have been said to dispel household trauma. Ritual objects for dark times. With a Picasso-like lightness, they reference folk art from around the world. Ancient pottery telling a scandalously dark fable: cats in wiry bow-ties pop up saying ‘fuck off’ with a smile, next to lambs gazing over purple mountains, and Herzog-inspired vampires emerging from the mist.  

From December 7th till January 7th. To RSVP for private view please email:

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Earlier Event: October 26